General Paper English Language English Language
Literature in English Literature in English French
Biblical studies Shona Shona
History History Maths
French French Geography
Art and Design Geography History
Geography Maths Accounting
Accounting Accounting Computer Science
Business Business studies General Science
Economics Economics Agriculture/Art and Design/Design and Technology/ Physical Education (choice of one practical subject)
Computer Science Computer Science Biology
Design and Technology ICT Chemistry
Agriculture(ZIMSEC) Physical Education/Art and Design/Agriculture/Design and Technology Physics
Mathematics Biology Physical Science
Physical Education Chemistry Physical Education
Biology Physics
Chemistry Physical Science
Sciences Commercials Arts Compulsory subjects for all pathways
Biology Accounting Biology Maths
Chemistry Business St/Economics Lit in English English Language
Physics Biology French Shona
Computer Science Computer Science/ICT ICT Geography/History
Geography Physical Science Physical Science Practical Subject
Geography History/Geography Biology
Science Commercials Arts Compulsory subjects for all pathways
Biology Accounting Biblical studies General Paper
Chemistry Business Art and design
Physics Economics History
Maths Maths French
Computer Science Art and Design/Agriculture(ZIMSEC) Lit in English
Agriculture(ZIMSEC)/Physical Education/Design and Technology/Art and Design Computer Science Geography


  1. A: F1. A student has 10 subjects. Student continues to F2 with the same subjects.
  2. B: F3. A student takes subjects being offered in that class only.
  3. C: F5. A student takes any three subjects from one pathway only.